Life Quote – Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh JI

“In life, at some stage everyone endures tough times. It would think that there is a sudden increase of bad over good people. But these are the signs of Almighty Lord to tell you that, do not worry about difficult situations and try to face them believing whatever the outcome maybe. It is Almighty’s will and always pray to Lord to help us in accepting this will.”


“Even if some individual possesses the wealth of many livestock, jewels or lands, it is only be possible when he attains the virtue of contentment as he is considered to be the wealthiest person in the world. All forms of material wealth are as good as dust (of no value).”

“Do not hesitate for a moment to meditate on the name of Almighty, who knows how much life you going to live.”

” Only that individual who becomes one with his Satguru forsakes even liberation from the cycle of birth.”  

” Atunned to the true Guru, you shall receive a place of honour in the court of the Almighty Lord.”